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Tania Dreelinck  Wildlife Artist

Creations of Life


About me

- a tale of my everyday artist life

Tania Dreelinck was born and raised in Belgium.

Having been interested in all kind of things to express her creativity since she was a child,

She taught herself different kind of techniques, like pasteldrawings, acrylic paintings, oil on canvas, watercolor, handpainting animal eggs, etc.

Being fascinated with Disney-characters she found her way to the Disney company where she got the opportunity to start making

exclusive handpainted eggs for Disneyland Paris and Los Angeles. And although that was a thrilling lifetime opportunity, it didn’t bring her the satisfaction she was looking for, she missed being connected with animals and their being. Being able to draw animals and bring out their Souls as well.

So she started making portraits of pets for clients. It’s always satisfying to hand over the paintings of the pets to their owners. Especially those of whom have passed away and of which some of them had their ashes processed in their drawing. She had designed a special technic to mingle part of the deceased animal ashes into the pastelpainting after some clients longed for it to make it more personal.

Next to eternalising pets in art there was also the urging need to tell the stories of  numerous wildlife animals and endangered species. Some of them who can only be found in zoo’s and sanctuaries anymore because there are none of them left in the Wild.

Wildlife has always been a favourite reference for her so the time had come to get out into the world. To be part of those who bring out awareness. Awareness of the importance to conserve the natural habitats of our animals. Awareness about making more conscious decisions about what to give attention to.

And what more beautiful way is there than to combine making art and at the same time collecting funds to support foundations and conservations.

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